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Trinity Reaction

(Cass' Apartment: Cass and Firestorm (Jason Rusch) are talking, Cass curious, Firestorm serious)

Cass: So the world without the Trinity is a very different place?

Firestorm: Yes, the lack of Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman has changed many lives. The word "superhero" isn't even in the dictionary anymore. And some people are very different. For example...

(Green Arrow lighting a cigar with a hundred dollar bill.)

Firestorm v.o.: Green Arrow is the hero of the rich and famous.

Green Arrow: Screw the poor and oppressed! I've got mine!

(Interceptor, snarling)

Firestorm v.o.: Supergirl is now someone named Interceptor.

Interceptor: I'm proud to defend Earth against alien filth! What is this "Kryptonian" you speak of?

(Alternate Lois Lane, angry, cigarette hanging from lips and holding a protest sign that reads "U.S. out of U.N.", Richie Grayson grinning and slicking his hair back, Freddie Pennysworth with a sub-machine gun, and Donna Troy in frumpy librarian garb trying to hide behind Freddie.)

Firestorm v.o.: Lois Lane is a right-wing talking head, Nightwing's a greasy hood, Alfred's an adventurer archaeologist, and Donna Troy is a mousy librarian.

Lois: I support the death penalty for everything!

Richie: Eyyy, it's a living.

Freddie: Stay back, you bounder.

Donna: I'm so scared!

(Cass and Firestorm again. She looks dubious, he is smiling slightly.)

Cass: I suppose my life would have changed too.

Firestorm: Well, yes, in a way...

(Suburban home. David Cain is wearing a white business shirt, blue tie, and is smoking a pipe. He's smiling. Lady Shiva is wearing a housedress and pearls. She's also smiling. Facing them is Cass in a cheerleader top (long version), she's not smiling.)

David: It's family game night! Who's up for Scattergories?

Shiva: And afterwards, we'll have milk and fresh-baked cookies!

Cass: I hate being a normal, well-adjusted teenager from an average suburban family! Why couldn't you be internationally notorious assassins or something?

Shiva: Well, we did consider that, but decided providing you with a stable, wholesome family life was more important.
Cass's alternate life truly was horrifying.

Story by SKJAM!

BenRG Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2012
Could it be that the worst possible hell is to be... nobody?
bijuu-sama Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2009
two words that describe Trinity: egocentric much
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